Kenny Cook

I graduated from Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis (IUPUI) in 2016. I have multi-media design experience which includes experience using a variety of Adobe CC applications. I also have other interests and hobbies:


I enjoy working on freelance projects which entail logo, web, and graphic design.


I enjoy playing games on PC and console; my favorites are role playing games.


I enjoy doodling on notes as well as large charcol drawings of faces. 


Netflix is my go to for entertainment.  “The Office” is my favorite TV show.

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Graphic Design

My graphic design projects were completed using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Most of the time, projects had multiple versions and iterations due to client changes or brand requests.


Web Design Projects

My education taught me HTML, CSS, Javascript, as well as Adobe Dreamweaver. Knowing those languages were useful in editing/creating web content despite not always using Adobe Dreamweaver. 

IUPUI Housing and Residence Life (HRL)

I edited the layout for HRL’s website using IU’s own content managing framework. I also designed many graphics displayed on the site. 

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Boys II Men (BIIM)

I created the BIIM website using WordPress. I currently manage and maintain the site for the organization. 

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Digital Media

My digital design projects were completed using many Adobe CC applications. Projects ranged from stationary digital signs, to videos intended for social media. 

Layout Design

My layout design projects were created using Adobe Indesign primarily; however, I also used Adobe Photoshop to edit some images and Adobe Illustrator to create some graphic elemets. Most, if not all, projects were designed for print. Please click “View All” to see every layout design project.

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